I am an interaction design and user experience researcher with a computer engineering background. I enjoy all aspects of HCI from very techy detail to abstract design framework. My expertise in the field is computer-supported cooperative work, user experience, and interaction design.

My research interests are mobile computing, tangible interaction, and wearable&ubiquitous computing. I am also fascinated by visual arts, particularly fashion design, interior design, and decorative art. My research interests are largely direct towards wearable technology, particularly user experience and socio-technical aspects of the technology. I am particularly interested in people’s interaction with and around their clothing and accessories and ways for technology to enhance day-to-day wearables. Read more about my projects.

I enjoy nature and wildlife. I love hiking and I do photography as my hobby. I am selling my photos here and here.

You can contact me via gmail.com at the address: p.jarusriboonchai.