CV & Portfolio


Senior Researcher (July 2018-present )
Faculty of Art and Design
University of Lapland, Finland

Research Associate (Jan 2017-June 2018)
Open Lab, Newcastle University

Interactive system engineer (Jan 2012-Jan 2013)
Exzy Company Limited


Doctoral of Science in Technology (2013-2017)
Dissertation title: Understanding Roles and User Experience of Mobile Technology in Co-located Interaction
Tampere University of Technology
Unit of Human-Computer Technology

M.Sc. in Interactive System Engineering (2009-2012)
The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm Sweden

B.Eng in Computer Engineering (2004-2008)
Kasetsart University, Bangkok Thailand


*This list is selective, please view my Google Scholar profile for a complete list*

Reviewed Journal&Conference Papers

  • Olsson, T., Jarusriboonchai, P. et al. Technologies for Enhancing Collocated Social Interaction: Review of Design Solutions and Approaches. Journal of Comput Supported Coop Work (2019).
  • Jarusriboonchai, P., Olsson, T., Lundgren, S., and Väänänen, K. Let’s Take Photos Together: Exploring Asymmetrical Interaction Abilities on Mobile Camera Phones. In Proc. MobileHCI’16.
  • Jarusriboonchai, P., Malapaschas, A., and Olsson, T. Design and Evaluation of a Multi-Player Mobile Game for Icebreaking Activity. In Proc. CHI’16.
  • Jarusriboonchai, P., Malapaschas, A., Olsson, T. and Väänänen, K. Increasing Collocated People’s Awareness of the Mobile User’s Activities: a Field Trial of Social Displays. In Proc. CSCW’16.
  • Jarusriboonchai, P., Olsson, T. and Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila, K. Social Displays on Mobile Devices: Increasing Collocated People’s Awareness of the User’s Activities. In Proc.MobileHCI’15. ACM Press (2015), 254-263.

Reviewed Conference Poster

  • Jarusriboonchai, P., Olsson, T., Prabhu, V., and Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila, K. CueSense: A Wearable Proximity-Aware Display Enhancing Encounters. In Proc. CHI EA’15. ACM Press (2015),


  • Jarusriboonchai, P., Meissner, J.L., Nansen, N.B., and Scouten, B. Thinking Outside the (Tool) Box: Empowering People with Toolkits. NordiCHI’18 (In press).
  • Jarusriboonchai, P., Lundgren, S., Olsson, T., Memarovic, N., Reeves, S., and Woźniak, P. and Torgersson, O. Interactions for Co-located Interaction. In Proc. NordiCHI’14. ACM Press (2014), 829-832.


  • Nokia Foundation Scholarship 2015
  • 2nd place Hackfest at MobileHCI2013 Munich, Germany


  • Conference/Journal peer reviewer: CHI 2017/2016/2015, CSCW 2016/2017, MobileHCI 2015/2016/2017, DIS 2016/2017, HCI Journal Special Issue on Collocated Interaction: New Challenges in ‘Same Time, Same Place’ Research, Journal of Human-Computer Studies
  • Student volunteer: MobileHCI 2011, CHI 2012

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