Who’s Next

This is a project within CosMo project, which is a part of my PhD thesis.

This project introduces and evaluates a multi-player game, known as Who’s Next. It is a mobile quiz-based game. The game is designed to facilitate a group of strangers in getting to know each other in an icebreaking activity, aiming to encourage interaction between them.  The aim is to explore potential of mobile technology in mediating and encouraging co-located interaction in an activity, specifically an icebreaking activity. 

How to play the game: the game beings with players answering a pre-defined list of questions (left photo below), followed by the actual game. The goal of the game is to find out the person behind the given answer of a question (middle photo). The game is turn-based, thus, there is a single active player and others have to wait for their turns (right photo). Each round of the game lasted for 5 minutes and three rounds were played. This was followed by a group-based semi-structured interview.

Who’s Next game

The video below shows interactions between players we observed in organized play sessions.