Hooded Scarf

People consciously and unconsciously express themselves through clothes and accessories. We design an Interactive Hooded Scarf to provoke conversation around aesthetics, technology, and self-expression.

Use cases of the Hooded Scarf. Drawing by Emma Napari.

The Scarf is intentionally designed for a woman who wants to keep organic feeling in her look even when technology is integrated into her life. It is feasible to be used both inside and outside. The hood allows users to create “private space” in public, giving a similar impression as when a person put on a headphone.

The Scarf is a pair of headphones with dynamic decoration pieces. The decoration pieces comprise of leaf patterns and colour beads. These decoration pieces change their appearance responding to music listening on the headphone as a form of self-expression. The display consists of colour-changing fabric leaves and moving beads as visual feedback These mediums provide visual responses at different paces. The leaves react to changes in music at a slow pace, gradually showing a green colour. The beads could react almost spontaneously and move every time strong beats are played.

The Scarf with colour changing leaves and dancing beads.

We conducted a preliminary user study. A big question that we got from our participants was related to the practicality of technology being integrated into the accessories, “would it create a significant change?” or “would other people understand why it changes?”. Read more about the study and the findings here.